Build Your Own AllSky Camera

This guide explains how to easily build your own allsky camera and operate it.

Note: These are the original instructions from 2016, but you can now use different cameras (ZWO, RPi HQ, Module 3) and Raspberry Pi boards (2, 3, 4, zero). Also, an enclosure can be made out of anything as long as it keeps the rain away from the electronics.

For this project, you'll need the following parts:

ASI Camera from ZWO
Fisheye lens
Raspberry Pi 2 or 3
Wifi dongle
USB cable (type A to B)
Some Plywood (1/4")
Acrylic Dome
4" ABS pipe (1 ft)
4" ABS end cap
4" ABS threaded adapter
4" ABS plug

Here's the suggested assembly process:

  • Cut and assemble the plywood stand
  • Screw the Raspberry Pi onto the plywood board
  • Attach the camera to the stand using a 1/4" bolt
  • Screw the fisheye lens onto the camera
  • Plug the camera to the Raspberry Pi using the USB cable
  • Plug the Wifi dongle if you have a Raspberry Pi 2
  • Cut a hole in the ABS cap for the camera
  • Assemble the ABS housing and seal joints with silicon
  • Attach dome with silicon too

Now, we need to install an operating system and the code to run the camera.